Instant Coffee Cronat Gold 200g - Jacobs

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Instant Coffee Cronat Gold 200g - Jacobs Kawa rozpuszczalna Cronat Gold Jacobs 200g, 7.05 oz.
Jacobs coffee is our most popular German coffee brand for many good reasons. There's a Jacobs coffee variety for every taste and mood. The famous Krönung family of coffees provides everything from the deepest rich roast to the mildest blends. Smooth, Aromatic and Mild - 100% finest quality instant coffee. The harmonious blend has been carefully selected by Jacobs experts. Demanding coffee connoisseurs appreciate its fine aromatic taste. To prepare Jacobs Cronat Gold: use 1-2 coffee spoons of instant coffee per cup. Add hot - but not boiling - water. After opening, close properly and store in a cool and dry place.
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