Herbata z owocow lesnych - 20 torebek

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Herbaciany Ogrod - Herbata Prosto z Lasu Forest fruit Herbal Tea 20 bags
Herbaciany Ogrod - Herbata Prosto z Lasu This tea contains a blend of finest Polish herbs and has an intense forest’s fruit aroma. Forest Fruit Herbal tea has also a unique taste, and it's great for both cold and warm days. It's rich in antioxidants, which main function is cells ' protection. Bored of your tea flavor? Forest Fruit Herbal Tea will introduce you to a totally new world of flavors. Check also our other Tea products and start enjoying a soft sweetness of forest’s fruit teas. Directions: Place one tea bag of Forest Fruit Herbal Tea in a glass, then pour boiling water over tea bag, and steep for few minutes. Then remove tea bag and allow it to cool. Enjoy it!
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