LOWICZ Blackcurrant Jam 450g

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Blackcurrant Jam
Blackcurrant Jam. Blackcurrant is high in potassium and GLA, which can help lower your blood pressure too. The GLA also helps cells in your heart resist damage and slows down platelet clumping in your blood vessels. The raw fruit is particularly rich in vitamin C and polyphenols. Blackcurrants can be eaten raw, but are usually cooked in sweet or savoury dishes. They are used to make jams, preserves, and syrups and are grown commercially for the juice market. The fruit is also used to make alcoholic beverages and dyes. INGREDIENTS: blackcurrants, sugar, water, gelling agent pectin, thickening agent guar gum, acidity regulator citric acid, sodium citrates. Product of Poland
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