HERBAPOL Gastric Drops 35ml

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Gastric Drops 35ml
Uses/indications: Metabolic disorders caused by too low secretion of digestive juices, resulting in meteorism, a feeling of fullness in the abdominal cavity after meals, unpleasant pains and spasms as well as a lack of appetite. Contraindication: Hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the preparation, hyperacidity, chronic gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer diseases. Due to propyphenazone content not recommended for children below 15th year of age and in elderly people, also for pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. Due to ethanol content the drug may have a harmful effect in hepatocellular damage, alcoholism, epilepsy, brain injuries and mental diseases. Precautions: Due to alcohol content the preparation impairs the ability to drive motor vehicles, operate machines in motion, as well as the psycho-motoric ability (work on high altitudes and others). Action: Bitterness compounds and ethereal oils stimulating secretion of gastric juice and bile improve digestion and increase appetite. Active compounds of valerian tincture of soothing and diastolic qualities lessen ailments of the alimentary tract resulting from the states of nervous tension. Propyphenazone acts analgesically and anti-inflammatorily. Side effects: The preparation may cause hypersensitivity to the sunlight, especially in people with fair complexion (Pericarpium Aurantii and Herba Hyperici). Due to propyphenazone content it may cause ailments of the alimentary tract, including damage of gastric mucosa, possibly with bleeding. It may also cause headaches and dizziness, or allergy rash. Application of big doses for a long time, especially in composition with other analgesics may lead to renal damage. Directions: 1 teaspoonful (2.5 ml) of drops with a small amount of liquid (to create emulsion) should be taken half an hour before a meal, 3 times a day. The preparation should not be used longer than for 6-7 days.
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